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Don't Try to Push Your Way to the Top

     If you have read my last two blogs, you probably get the idea that I want you to succeed. I believe that God has a vision for your life and I want you to line up with that vision. I would hate to see you give up. I know that God has a call and destiny for each person and He prepares us for the journey.

     Many times along the way it is easy to get discouraged. Often, people won’t believe that you are really called. Sometimes even people that you thought should believe in you never show that they do. There’s no need to fret; most of us have gone through this at one point or another. We have all felt that we haven’t received the credit we thought we deserved. 

     When you don’t get the credit you think you deserve, don’t sweat it, your goal is to lift up the name of Jesus. You didn’t need the credit anyhow. You were trying to impress the wrong person. The One you want to impress is already impressed with you. Your Heavenly Father!

     In times like this, think of people who have gone before us. Imagine all the hardships that Joseph or David had to face. They were both called at a very young age, yet didn’t see fulfillment until much later. David had even been anointed but couldn’t walk in the position until God’s perfect timing. 

     Never try to push your way to the top. God is fighting for you. Be secure in your calling. If God has told you that you will be in five-fold ministry rest in His promise. Don’t try to prove to others that you were called. Jesus showed His calling by serving others. If you want to prove you’re called, live a life of servant-hood. Learn how to serve others and do it with joy.

     Learn from David, he had two opportunities to kill King Saul, the one who was persecuting and tried to kill him. King Saul was wide open and David knew that he was called to have his position as King. If David wasn’t sure of his calling he may have tried to step into it before it was time. He may have tried to make things happen by himself. Yet David knew who his God was and that He would be the One to promote him.

     David said something very important, “I will not stretch out my hand against my lord, for he is the Lord’s anointed” (1 Samuel 24:10b) Even though Saul was trying to kill him, David honoured Saul. He still called him his lord. He saw Saul for what he was, the Lord’s anointed King. 

     Too many people are leaving churches today because they don’t see their pastor as the Lord’s anointed. They want to be the Lord’s anointed and so they belittle their pastor and hope to one day take their position. They may even have a calling, but lack the humility to receive the position. 

     David knew, in his heart, that killing Saul in order to step into his calling wasn’t the right thing to do. Had David killed Saul, he would have been in authourity before God had placed him there. This would have been very dangerous. We must learn to wait for our promotion. Allow God to make it happen. Don’t take matters into your own hands. 

     Don’t try to rush your calling. Every step of the way God’s preparing you. Each time that you feel disappointed for not getting the promotion you thought you deserved, it’s for a reason. God’s still working in you. He wants you to be able to walk strong in your calling. 


     Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:4, 5

     As you trust in Jesus He will lead you every step of the way. Our understanding is very limited. We fail to understand so often. Circumstances don’t determine our outcome. God can change your situation in a moment. Joseph went from prisoner to being the second most important person in the nation. This happened overnight. (Genesis 41:14-41)

     Don’t get me wrong. Joseph went through many years of trail. He was discouraged often. It took years before he got to the moment that God had called him to. However, Joseph was at his lowest, right when God promoted him. Joseph’s circumstances didn’t matter. God had a plan and He was going to make it come to pass. 

     Rejoice today wherever you are! He is going to pull you out of the pit. He’s going to put you in a place of honour. Trust Him. In His perfect timing all that He’s promised will be fulfilled in your life!


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