Looking Toward 2011

We know that 2011 will be a year of new challenges and new responsibilities. We look forward to this new year as we know that God is doing something amazing in Guatemala and with House of Refuge Street Ministries. Here is a brief look ahead of what we are preparing ourselves for this coming year!

The year 2010 was a stretching year for us and yet we know that 2011 will be all the more so. We look forward to it with joy unspeakable. God has been speaking to us about restructuring and making our bases strong so that it will hold the next level. Just as we have been building our house and have had to put strong bases so that it would hold a second level we must do that spiritually in the ministry.

As we are in Canada for the month of December it will be a time of ‘writing the vision down and make it plain on tablets’ Hab.2:2a We will be writing down new protocols for leaders, helpers and for the men that come off the street. The booklet will contain all the ins and outs of the ministry so that everyone will be on the same page of what we expect. We have had a small booklet in the past, but this will help us with the bigger picture. We believe that this is very important for all of us.

Thank you for keeping this in your prayers. Pray for God’s wisdom to fill us so that we know what needs to be put into place and not leave anything untouched.