The City of Refuge Begins

We are proud to announce that we have finally found the land that we were looking for. Once again as we proclaimed that this year would be the year that God would fulfill all of His promises in our lives, it has come to pass. 

Once we came back in June 2010 we knew that we had to continue looking and praying for God’s guidance. We knew that many people had given and prayed for this project as well, that we must find the land. We searched diligently and then we actually ended up finding a nice land that we had been looking at a couple of years ago.

Yes the Lord led us right back to the same spot and said “this is the land.” We were excited and began to negotiate with the owner of the land.

An interesting note is that the owner of the land has actually just become a Christian over the last couple of months. We have seen God working in his life. God is a good God.

We have looked into all the legal side of things and everything has passed. We are ready to go. 

We have promised to buy three acres. We will buy one and a half acres right away and then we have ten months to pay for the other half. So to start we will have one and a half acres of land with a few mango trees on it. 

We have taken a step of faith in buying this land. We will need  to hook up the hydro as well as buy the second one and a half acres. We believe that our God can do this for us! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!