Studying in Bible School

We have been noticing that a lot of this year is about growth. We are seeing how God is helping us all to grow. The men that we have right now are growing in great ways.  We decided a few years ago that we would not get too high in numbers of men living in House of Refuge. We came to that decision because many times we would see that we had many men, but little change. 

Right now we have 2 men in House of Refuge. Both of them have been here more than 8 months. We have seen definite change and growth in both of them.  Alfonso has been with us for a little over one year now. He has stuck with us and has been believing God for great things.

In February 2010 he began studying in the Fe Viva Bible School. We have seen a tremendous change in him since this time. He had not gone to school for many years due to his drinking habits that started at a very young age, so this is a challenge for him. However, he is doing very well. 

He went on his first missionary trip to El Salvador and was very encouraged. He was amazed at the fact that he had left his country to see some place new, since he had never been out of his country before. He had never expected to do something like that before. God is causing him to grow in leaps and bounds.