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Street Ministry in El Salvador

In our last newsletter I had mentioned that we were in El Salvador. We spent 10 days there visiting Karla's family and a time of ministry with our good friends Matt & Kerry Blacklock and some students from the Missionary Leadership Program (MLT). Many doors opened and we saw God's Love revealed in so many ways. Here we will share a few highlights of our trip. I think you will be encouraged after hearing what God was and is doing in El Salvador.

While we were in El Salvador we were able to team up with a ministry that has adopted our idea of street ministry. Daniel, who started the ministry always loved hearing our testimonies and then one day came to Guatemala to visit with us and to get some ideas on how to run with the vision. We gave Daniel some ideas and told him to start with what he has in his hands. For now he is able to preach on the streets and bring a small meal to the street people.

It was great to join with Daniel and the ministry. We did a very powerful drama and then I preached a salvation message. Two men gave their hearts to Christ. One man actually lives in an area where Daniel has a homegroup. We are looking forward to hear the testimonies of all that is happening in El Salvador.

We see the ministry at its beginning stages. This was the same way House of Refuge started in Guatemala. Please pray for Daniel and his team as they reach out to the lost in El Salvador!

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