When we go to El Salvador we often minister in the church that Karla was a co pastor of before we got married. It is always an amazing time, this time however, was truly a move of God. The first night Karla shared a powerful message with the youth. The second night, Matt & Kerry Blacklock, Karla & I all shared for a few minutes and then the Holy Spirit showed up.

Many people were healed and delivered. One lady was healed of an ulcer, others of back pains and other problems. One girl was delivered from years of abandonment and low self worth. Before ministry you could see the hurt and depression on her face. Afterwards she had a new glow to her and you could see the notable freedom all over her.

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This year has been a time of learning and shaping for us here in Guatemala. We are now ready to prepare ourselves for the years ahead and to build stronger foundations. This truly has been an exciting year in many ways.

The Services

We continue to have services on Tuesday and Friday nights every week. Lately we have made Tuesday nights a discipleship night where we do a more solid teaching.  Then Friday nights are our evangelistic services, where we go to the bars and invite the men to come. Tuesday nights some of the men have been coming on their own. This is always a great breakthrough as we see the people that really want to be there. We are seeing a change and people being set free.

The Men

This year we have ministered to  5 men inside the house. Two of these men were there for more than a year and successfully went through our program.  We are expecting Alfonso back in  2011 to study for his second year in Bible school. This year has been  a challenging, but a successful year. God has been good to us even in the midst of the storms.

Friends of Jesus

At the beginning of this year we saw one lady go back to her family in Nicaragua. In May we  found out that Raquel had left her life of prostitution and is now a faithful church member. She has been coming and receiving many of God’s blessings. Her husband has also started coming. The family is being restored.

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