Healed from an Ear Infection

Kathleen was diagnosed with an allergic condition that affects the inner ear. Pain and swelling of her ear would be the result when she had a reaction to the cold and moisture. One Thursday night, Kathleen had a reaction and could not sleep all night because of the pain, which continued into the next day.

In spite of this, she came to the Friday evening service where Steve Stoffelsen, a central American missionary, was speaking. She didn’t know how long she would last though, because not only was her ear throbbing with pain, but her ear was so swollen that she could hardly hear.
During the time of prayer and ministry, Steve had a word from the Lord that someone needed healing for partial deafness. Kathleen responded and went to the altar for prayer. She later testified that as soon as Steve prayed for her, the pain immediately left, the swelling went down and she could hear clearly again. Praise God!

Jesus still heals today! If you need pray for healing, contact us @ [email protected]