Mikayla Johns Report from Guatemala

The things that I’ve seen and experienced in House of Refuge have been life-changing. It’s an honor to be able to be a part of this ministry. While I’m here I get to help with many different areas of the ministry. Mainly I help organize, and get things ready for the services. Along with that I also help preach and minister to the people. A lot of the people who come just want someone to talk to, and someone to show them that they care and love them. Sometimes just by taking the time to listen to them, and pray with them can completely change their hearts. I also had the opportunity to start two new ministries in House of Refuge. I teach English as a second language to children, and soon I will be giving ballet lessons to the young girls in House of Refuge. As I’m teaching the children I also use it as a chance to minister to them, and pour into the next generation. I’m very excited about everything God is doing with this great ministry, and personally I am growing and learning so much just by being a part of it. To read more reports in Mikayla’s newsletter, click here.