God’s Healing Power in Dominican Republic

This was our first time in Dominican Republic. We had the privilege to go with our home church, Lakemount Worship Centre. It was great to partner with them and the Samaritan Foundation. Our time there was very refreshing and we saw God move powerfully!

We started off by going to a nearby church where Pastor Matt Tapley preached a powerful message on Mark 5. God then gave me some words of knowledge for healing to take place in the service. 3 people came up to testify of God’s miracle power touching their bodies!! One lady had a cataract on her eye that disappeared and she was able to read her Bible again! Another lady had some heart trouble and pain down her arm. The night before people on the team had seen that she couldn’t lift her arm. After prayer she was lifting her arm and praising Jesus! Click here to hear the testimonies!

We also had 2 powerful nights of Revival meetings. Pastor Matt Tapley preached both nights and God’s power touched people. Karla prayed for 2 ladies with back problems and both of them were healed. (One had suffered for 10 years and the other for 15 years).

One man came with a cane the first night, God healed his knee and he left without using his cane. He also came back on night 2 and didn’t bring his cane. He was healed! One young girl was healed of a hernia that I felt disappear!

We also went to the streets of Sosua. This is a city where there is lots of sex tourism. Karla went on the streets with a few ladies to minister to prostitutes. They brought them each a rose and asked to pray for them. Many of them accepted and they experienced God’s love!

These are just a few testimonies of what God did in Dominican Republic!

To see more pictures, click here.

This little girl’s hernia disappeared. I felt it before and after!