Ride for Refuge 2018

We want to thank everyone who participated one way or another with Ride For Refuge. Thank you Daniel Zeidins, Mark & Jake Nicolle for riding from 25KM-50KM each. We appreciate all that you did. Also thanks to everyone who donated toward this team who rode for House of Refuge. They were able to raise over $1,000. All proceeds will go toward the City of Refuge Project. 

If you think you may want to participate next year and would like more information please let me know. The ride will take place on Saturday October 5, 2019. 

Training Day at House of Refuge

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Since we are receiving so much help we have decided to disciple and train people into leadership. We are teaching on a book from Tony Cooke called, “In Search of Timothy”. We had our first session and we had a great response. Everyone enjoyed the teaching and expressed that they believed it is very helpful to them. It has been a blessing to be able to have so many people helping, learning and growing in the ministry. At the end of the meeting we had them pray for us. It was a powerful time. We plan to do these training sessions every few weeks.
We are also teaming up with Shaddai Church and training our leadership along with theirs every Wednesday night with “The Purple Book”. It is a great tool for discipleship.

Outpouring in Karla’s Home Church

When we go to El Salvador we often minister in the church that Karla was a co pastor of before we got married. It is always an amazing time, this time however, was truly a move of God. The first night Karla shared a powerful message with the youth. The second night, Matt & Kerry Blacklock, Karla & I all shared for a few minutes and then the Holy Spirit showed up.

Many people were healed and delivered. One lady was healed of an ulcer, others of back pains and other problems. One girl was delivered from years of abandonment and low self worth. Before ministry you could see the hurt and depression on her face. Afterwards she had a new glow to her and you could see the notable freedom all over her.

Ministry in Usulutan

After being in San Salvador we traveled an hour and a half to Usulutan and again we saw God moving in mighty ways. There we worked with the Pastors Shaddai church, Edwin & Teresa Asturias. At the church we saw healings and God touching people.

In Usulutan, we ministered to the police, as we have done in the past. However, we felt that this time was more relationship building as they were the same police that we had worked with 3 years ago. The police have a program where they speak to the children in the schools. They allowed us to join with them and minister to the children. We received a great response at each school. We also had an afternoon where we were able to minister to the police. At first, many had hardness on their faces, but soon afterwards opened up to what God wanted to do. It was a powerful time of ministry.


Healed from an Ear Infection

Kathleen was diagnosed with an allergic condition that affects the inner ear. Pain and swelling of her ear would be the result when she had a reaction to the cold and moisture. One Thursday night, Kathleen had a reaction and could not sleep all night because of the pain, which continued into the next day.

In spite of this, she came to the Friday evening service where Steve Stoffelsen, a central American missionary, was speaking. She didn’t know how long she would last though, because not only was her ear throbbing with pain, but her ear was so swollen that she could hardly hear.
During the time of prayer and ministry, Steve had a word from the Lord that someone needed healing for partial deafness. Kathleen responded and went to the altar for prayer. She later testified that as soon as Steve prayed for her, the pain immediately left, the swelling went down and she could hear clearly again. Praise God!

Jesus still heals today! If you need pray for healing, contact us @ [email protected]